About Booster Development Network

The Booster Development Network is the documentation hub for design and development tools, such as Zywave's design system and application framework.

There are two major sections that make up the Booster Development Network ecosystem: the design system and the application framework.

Venn diagram of Booster Development Network ecosystem

What is the design system?

The Booster Design System is a broader term that many of Zywave's visuals, front-end, and design related standards and tooling are filed under.

Commonly referred as Zywave User Interface (ZUI), the design system is best known for its collection of reusable custom elements and robust documentation.

Learn more about the Booster Design System.

What is the application framework?

The Booster Application Framework is a collection of API-driven custom elements that help enforce consistency of:

  • how data is served and presented to the user
  • how the user navigates throughout the Zywave ecosystem
  • and so much more!

Commonly referred as Zywave API Toolkit (ZAPI), the application framework has a heavy dependency on our design system to assist engineers in serving users with a consistent experience.

Learn more about the Booster Application Framework.

Which one do I use?

While any project can use the Booster Design System, there are requirements that need to be met in order to use the Booster Application System.

To find out which one is best for your project, check out Getting Started.