How to get started

There are several ways to use The Booster Development Network resources:

  1. Refer to and follow the design guidelines to ensure your application is consistent with other Zywave applications
  2. Use the design system components to build your application (recommended)
  3. Use the application framework components to incorporate the design system and Zywave data into your application when integrating with Zywave Auth (recommended)
  4. Use the design system and given specs as a guideline when building your own components if you cannot consume the Booster Development Network design system components

Using the Booster Development Network components

You may follow the design standards and UI/UX best practices in this documentation site when building your application. Design specs are included for most of our components if you'd like to create them from scratch, but we highly recommend using our custom elements because you will get continual enhancements without having to make changes on your end. We aim to simplify and streamline the process of building UIs by offering framework-agnostic custom elements that we ensure will follow Zywave's design standards, including mobile responsiveness. These custom elements are part of two major sections that make up the Booster Development Network: design system and application framework.

Learn how to install the Booster packages in your application.

Booster Design System

If you're looking for design guidance or components to build your user interfaces, look no further! We have over 30 UI components with extensive API and design documentation, as well as live demos with code snippets, to make incorporating Booster Design System into your application effortless.

Learn more about the design system.

Booster Application Framework

Looking to integrate your application into the Zywave suite? The Booster Application Framework provides a collection of API-driven components and tools to help you quickly build a Zywave-integrated application. It greatly reduces the time to build by making your application look and feel like "one Zywave" application. One catch to using these components is your application must support Zywave Auth.

Learn more about the application framework.